Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2.5 months behind. i know.

I'll never catch up. But at least grad school work is fairly on schedule for a change! AND the Steelers won the Super Bowl! Be still my heart...

Christmas was a great break. I spent a week at home with my mother and grandmother... managed to see my best college girlfriends too! Then, a couple days after the old man shimmied down the chimney, Greg and I made our way (somehow) to Isla Mujeres. Crazy Mexico City tried to hold us back, but we broke through and had a great week on the island paradise. We were even so much safer on our way back because we had a hand carved Mayan medicine god from Chicken Pizza. Maybe I'll post photos someday.... or maybe I'll just get a real website someday and put them there. One day back in the city and I was off with grad school to Berlin for a week, and Munich for a week. Nothing like my undergrad study abroad, and kicked in the butt with a healthy dose of the flu, I managed to find fun here and there.... and lots of beer yummy mustard. I even found my best friend from 2nd grade Erica with her husband and newborn in Munich! okay, i didn't randomly find them, but it was a great stroke of luck that we planned a day together and it all actually worked out.

Now I am playing set designer again for a great, funny, fun Irish comedy! I am also playing scenic paint assistant for the same gig. Oh! and I get a huge backstage tour of things in DisneyWorld along with dinner and shows and meets and greets... I'm stoked!

This is all uninteresting I suppose. But I never said it would be anything otherwise.

to bed to bed. theatre calls soon. theatre theatre theatre..... less than 1.5 years!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Right. So we did come home from Las Vegas. Bachelorette-ing, navagating the city on my own, family time, meeting more friends, seeing the Wynn, wandering the strip with my camera, rehersal dinnering, wedding-ing, wal-marting for comfy clothes, losing $5.10 at video poker while wearing my new ugly sweatpants, and sleeping on the floor of the DFW airport in my new ugly sweatpants. A great trip. Wish it could have been longer.

We got to leave again for Indiana for Thanksgiving to meet all of Greg's extended family that would put armies of small nations to shame in size. I did well even without my plan of labelled poloroids. Another fun wedding too. It was all great. Culture shock for me coming from my family of 3. The only problem was all the questions of, "So what are you going to do with your degree when you graduate?" Hmmm. I'll let you know when I think of something that doesn't sound like a pain in the arse.

Finishing up this long and painful semester here. Too bad I don't care enough to make some of the decisions I have to make. And Million Dollar Baby was not the movie to watch yesterday to cheer up my spirits :) At least I had a box of brownie mix!

Christmas Carol FINALLY opened Friday night. After the huge push to save my professor's butt, I'm not sure all my projects were worth the huge effort we had to put into them. Everything was on stage for all of, oh, say, 10 seconds! My poor little Want and Ignorance dolls. I'll have to get photos of them for the portfolio at least. Turns out I'm a great scary baby maker. My prof even showed me a little appreciation and praise!!! In between making me feel bad for leaving for Thanksgiving, for leaving for Christmas, for asking if I could leave after working a 10 hour day for him out of my own kindness (ok, I didn't really have a choice, but it still wasn't a spoken requirement). GRRRRRR. Can't wait for Christmas. and then I can't wait until summer.

So there's my update of my pathetic little life. Only a couple weeks left!

Now if only the Steelers could win and the Colts would lose!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm leaving town for a few days!!!

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow afternoon to join the wedding festivities! Congratulations Claudia and Brian :-)

Hobo Excuse #2

Model Building Class.

The project that's been eating my time and money since Labor Day... At least my advisor said my marble was the *best* marble he'd *ever* seen. He also told me I was crazy for cutting out my Victorian window corners and handpainting my flowers. Cheers to having an old GT friend that works at an architectural modeling firm that was my lasercutting hookup for the stair rail :-)

Photos to prove my story:

The photo I was building/guessing from:

Hobo Excuse #1

Trojan Women.

What a crazy experience.

The show is closing up this weekend, and on Monday we'll throw it all in the trash. Hopefully we'll be able to use a few things though. We had the post mortem today and everyone has very nice things to say to and about me. They also apologized for putting me in that position.

Here's some photos to prove my story:

P.S. I also did my own photography with my snazzy new digital SLR

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sitting. but praised!

So I'm sitting in rehearsal. On my ass. from 6:30-very very late every night now. Well, except for the 10 out of 12 on Saturday. Watching this weird show. (I'll post photos when we take them). Still lots of work to be done, but everyone seems to really like it so far. At least the set... but of course I have yet to see the newly added rape scene in my cage. Crazy I tell ya.

The lighting prof told me that my prof was bragging on me saying what great work I'm doing. Always nice to hear when you're busting your bootie. Can't wait til Christmas, but wish I had more time in between now and then to get everything finished.

Happy fall break to all. Even though I don't get a break, at least I didn't have classes today and could spend the day wallowing in my bed, "thinking with my eyes closed" for hours on end. Back to work tomorrow. 1.5 weeks left to figure out and finish Guys and Dolls too! Woohooooo.....

Took a break with Greg a few days ago to see 40 Year Old Virgin. Figured I'd add that in since really that was the point of this blog. Having a life and trying not to forget about that... and it was a really funny movie.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Wow. Don't want to be stale. I'm too fresh to be stale ;) I know what you're thinking. And you're right. I'm not, in fact, very funny...

I'm tired, as my title implies. Model building and dealing with crazy theatre people trying to get my uber-disturbing show on stage. CRAZY! But I know how to make food that looks like pulverized human flesh now... Always key.

BUT! my model is looking hot. I hear rumors that my professor said mine was better than my cohort's... I'm not smiling ear to ear. Really, I'm not.... my facial muscles are tired like the rest of my body, but if I could I would be. Now if only I didn't have to finish it. I'll post pictures of it when it's complete to explain my absence from my ever-exciting blog and life in general.

I have done a few real activities though - in keeping with my 'keep a life' goals. Greg and I joined the rest of the grad design kids in white water rafting down the Ocoee River. A few guys from Tech came up to K-town for the game Saturday and we all got to hang out at a local bar like the old days. Greg and I have managed to grab a few dinners out-- hopefully we'll be able to find more time as Trojan Women wraps up this month. I'm also looking forward to our next trip to Vegas the beginning of November :-)

And THAT my friends, is a post :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

partay time

so I knew this neglectful thing would happen. grad school. humph!

pics from this weekend's bash, themed knox-vegasly in honor of greg's arrival. tons of food, pink panty pulldown punch, theatre kids and engineers coming together in one apartment... who'da thought?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

how do you call your loverboy, version 2.0

I call my loverboy on EST now! No more counting hours, stupidly late nights on off-peak Pacific time, or really the need for extended use of the phone at all!

Here's hoping i can learn to be uber-productive at a quick pace so grad school doesn't completely take over.