Saturday, July 30, 2005

100 things about me

1. I’ve been trying to figure out what #1 should be since now everyone will know that’s the first thing I thought about myself
2. I’m a good southern girl
3. It’s Coke. Whatever it is, it’s Coke.
4. I say things like “y’all” and elongate my i's in words like “why”
5. If I concentrate on it, I can get rid my accent except for the y’alls
6. I love good peaches
7. I don’t like collard greens
8. I like THE Black Eyed Peas more than actual black eyed peas
9. I don’t like THE black eyed peas nearly as much as, say, Josh Joplin, Gin Blossoms, Guster, Vertical Horizon, Matchbox Twenty of the Yourself or Someone Like You era…
10. These are all bands on my current playlist
11. I can eat an entire container of Cool Whip in one sitting
12. I used to make jello to go with my cool whip, but then I stopped pretending
13. I can also eat an entire container of Tostitos Salsa con Queso in one sitting
14. I can also eat an entire box of Kraft macaroni and cheese in one sitting
15. And I Love brownies, especially ones with walnuts in them
16. I am probably skinnier than I deserve to be
17. I can’t run very far
18. The underside of my tongue hurts when I run
19. I know that’s strange
20. My sports bras are like miniature medieval fortresses
21. I always look at the clock when it’s 6:17 am and pm
22. In the last year and a half I have lived for at least 2.5 months in 4 different states
23. I worked at a summer camp in NW Michigan last summer
24. I’m finishing my second summer at ThemeWorks in north central Florida
25. I helped finish the installation of a big new roller coaster in Tampa for a week
26. I wore a hard hat and steel toe boots and carried heavy things around
27. I am helping to manage a big new exhibit for Jamestown
28. I want to be a dancer in music videos
29. I Love dancing
30. I want to have an art room when I grow up that I can be all artistic in
31. Perhaps a darkroom too so I can take photography back up
32. I want to have a wood shop too
33. I worked as a carpenter last year as my assistantship for grad school
34. I get excited when I see my name in the playbills under: Carpenters
35. I love the Pittsburgh Steelers
36. I chased down Jerome Bettis in the airport once
37. I was a ‘sorority girl’ in college
38. ‘Sorority girls’ are different at Georgia Tech than other schools
39. My mom is my sister
40. I’m an only child of an only child
41. My grandmother is the only other person I know of in my family with red hair
42. It turns out I had 12 different teddy bears growing up, but I thought it was only one
43. My parents split up when I was 10
44. I was star student of my elementary school
45. I was star student of my middle school
46. I was star student of my high school
47. I was valedictorian and most likely to succeed too
48. I was captain of the varsity math team and Clayton Co. math champion my senior year
49. I’m a National Merit Scholar
50. I used to mime
51. I was a clown
52. Clowning still remains my highest paying job to date
53. I was captain of the marching band color guard
54. Some might say that I was a big nerd growing up ;-)
55. Ok, I’ll remain a nerd forever
56. I cling to the fact that I played varsity tennis for 3 years in high school
57. To be honest, I wasn’t even that good
58. I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie
59. I’ve never seen any Lord of the Rings either
60. I know that I should at least watch the later
61. I lived with Elizabeth for all 4 years of undergrad
62. We were random roommates put together freshman year
63. I had the most amazing and impressive friends at Tech
64. I miss being at GT
65. Most everyone has left Atlanta now
66. I was a bridesmaid twice last summer in the span of 8 days
67. I almost got to wear the same dress for both weddings
68. I’m a bit obsessive about plucking my eyebrows sometimes
69. This is strange because you can’t even see my eyebrows
70. I won the Georgia Tech Greek Week apple bobbing contest
71. I collected 8 apples in 60 seconds
72. …blindfolded
73. …with my hands tied behind my back
74. I started college wanting to be an automotive designer
75. I finished college wanting to be a themed entertainment designer
76. Now I think it would be pretty cool to do event design
77. or bar/restaurant/nightclub design
78. I met my boyfriend on a trip to Las Vegas
79. I paid a stripper to rub her breasts on my boyfriend’s face
80. His roommates bought me a lap dance
81. The TV show Las Vegas is one of my favorites
82. Josh Duhamel is on my top 5 list
83. Greg’s moving to Knoxville very soon!
84. We haven’t even known each other a year
85. I’m very excited!
86. Over Christmas break we tried to go skiing in California but there was too much snow
87. That was the first time I’d ever heard of that being a problem
88. I love to ski
89. I ski through the trees and pretend that I’m good enough to do this
90. I prefer moguls to speedy trails
91. I love making snow angels
92. I’m allergic to the sun
93. I miss my freckles
94. I tried laying in a tanning bed to “toughen up my skin”
95. It didn’t work
96. I love beaches at sunset during the summer
97. Really, I love all water at sunset, especially during the summer
98. Guinness is my favorite beer
99. I’m Irish
100. I’m also Scottish
101. I went to Scotland three times
102. I’ve waded in Loch Ness
103. I’ve slept on the street in downtown Edinburgh… in the rain
104. I’ve been to the highland games
105. I worked in an orphanage in Saratov, Russia
106. I got to go back to Moscow on my study abroad trip.
107. We also went to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Venice, Padova, Florence, Rome, and Paris
108. I studied at Worcester College of Oxford University
109. I just finished my scrapbook from that summer this year
110. I’m too much of a perfectionist in my scrapbooking
111. Someday I hope to be caught up
112. I’ve had three gold Saturn sedans
113. My next car should not be a gold Saturn sedan
114. I have too many shoes even though I know that’s impossible
115. I love unique jewelry
116. I love unique clothing
117. I love dressing like the designer that I am
118. I’m designing my first mainstage show right now
119. I think I’ve done a pretty good job if I do say so myself
120. Whoa, I was adding things up towards the top and didn’t even realize I was over 100.
121. I have a really lame social life down here in Florida this year
122. As you can see.

Addendum: The bottoms of my feet peel sometimes.


At 31/7/05 3:39 AM, Blogger Greg said...

hey gorgeous, sorry I didn't get to talk to you later tonight. At least I made your top 122 list! Glad to see you are using your florida days wisely! ;)

I love ya, little miss peely feet (why didn't that make the list?)!


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