Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Backwards day

Did my Trojan Women research/drafting at TWI out of lack of real work to do. Cut out flying for good. And got an extension on when I have to get my drawings done since I no longer have to get them printed and sent myself! Oh! and decided I want to be a fancy event planner when I grow up for the free fun stuff.

Actually did some crunches and stretches while watching t.v.... though those just tried to counteract the massive quantity of egg noodles I consumed. Maybe I'll even get to be sore tomorrow - not in the "I am getting old and breaking down" kind of way too!

4-5 more days at work.... though since I've officially lost access to the server, I'm no longer on the Jamestown email list, and I'm not being given new projects to work on, I'd put money on the 4.


At 28/7/05 7:18 PM, Blogger Greg said...

You are way to cute - little miss secret candy stash.


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