Sunday, July 24, 2005

Deja vu 2003

Christyn is living in G'ville for at least a few days, which means I have a friend! We went out grand last night shelling out the dough for incredible sushi (the Godzilla roll had cream cheese eyes!), pineapple sake, and service worthy of the 'young and trendy' crowd of which we were now a part.

Then we turned geeky like only GT girls can do - played with the awesome ringers on her new phone until I picked out one for me.... NFL on NBC came in a close second to the winner: Under the Sea.

We met up with Ryan, Mike, Zach, etc. at 8 Seconds - the redneck bar which despite its name and theme (and the fact that it's painted like a giant cow on the outside) has no mechanical bull. Kinda crazy that this was my first time out all summer since 2 years ago that was all I did. I also worked out ALL the time before, so I guess I'm going for opposite all around. It was fun, but we got tired before closing so headed home - most everyone else was drunk beyond function too. Taking off my shoes and crawling in bed felt so nice.


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