Saturday, July 30, 2005

an even wilder night

Saturday has proven to be even more wild and crazy than I could have anticipated. I painted miniature tile for several hours after my tire rotation. In between coats I took some artistic liberties in recreating some prints I saw for sale at Bed Bath & Beyond this morning. I miss doing things like this. It makes me more excited about the idea of taking next summer off and painting, visiting friends, getting a head start on my thesis, sleeping, exercising perhaps....

Speaking of exercise. Drum roll. I did some today! Our apartment gym is now open after massive renovation/updating. It was so nice that I was inspired to cardio. 30 minutes of eliptical told me I went 6.0. It didnt' say what units though. I know it can't be miles so I'm going to go with kilometers.... and that is approximately 3.7282271534240037 miles (I just did that in my head so pardon my rounding to only the 16th decimal place). And then I was thinking that if I'm going to be taking my bike back to TN with me in the fall I need to start toughening up my crotch so I biked for 20 minutes more. My lungs and heart are confused and my crotch is mad! ;-)


At 3/8/05 1:06 AM, Blogger Cladeedah said...

Just say it - your vagina is angry. :-)


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