Sunday, July 24, 2005


Cooking for one really sucks since you want to make enough to make the recipe work/worth it, but then you're stuck with the same meal for days on end. Usually, day one, I think the meal is stellar and I'm proud of myself. My excitement usually declines steadily until day 3 when I'm not excited at all (pretty quick, I know). But I push through. Day 4 is painful, and I usually throw away the last serving because it makes me ill to think about eating it again.

I've managed, however, to make it through an entire dish... I think the solution, and I hope it applies across the board, is adding lots of ground pepper, garlic salt, and melted cheese! :-) I actually think my doctored version was better than the original! I'm so happy!

Now I'm starting to try and figure out how to use what food I already own to make my meals for the next 2 weeks... looks like I'll be eating some interesting concoctions - unless anyone has a great idea of what to do with 2 jars of pickles... ;)


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