Friday, July 15, 2005

Starting plans

So I’m a grad student in set design at the University of Tenn. I already have a degree from Georgia Tech in Industrial Design. I’m a glutton for punishment. I knew from undergrad that this would be very time intensive adventure, but I have to say it’s more than I expected. One year down, two to go –

Now I’m in Florida working an 8-5 job doing design/fabrication management work. In all my spare time I am designing my first mainstage show ever for UT – designs are due in less than 2 weeks…

After a wonderful, yet design-distracted 2 week visit from my ever-patient boyfriend Greg, I realize that I don’t want to spend the next two years knowing that I’m constantly being neglectful of my friends, my loved ones, and myself. He’s moving across the country to end this 3-time zone separation ordeal and I want to learn how to enjoy my time now that I won’t have the excuse, “well, I have nothing better to do…”

I’m starting fresh this weekend: me and 8 of my closest girlfriends from GT are taking a trip to Tybee Island. We are taking 2 cars, have rented 2 hotel rooms (like there’ll be any sleeping!), and are bringing 2 blenders. These girls are coming from around the country – D.C., Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Atlanta, England sort of…. It’s great how everyone is making such an effort to spend time with each other. I haven’t seen some of these girls in over a year. I can’t wait! In short, I have TONS of work to get done and a fast approaching deadline, but I made a commitment a long time ago to meet my girlfriends, and I am not going to give up this chance to see them. I will do my best to forget about Trojan Women and concentrate on these wonderful girls who love me just like I love them.


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