Friday, July 22, 2005


So I’m still working my way through Titus – it’s just so good! And listening to Julie Taymor just makes me want to keep it longer and watch it normally again… too bad Greg might want his 3rd movie back.

The first night I turned it on it was so nice, I fell asleep watching it around 9:30pm so I just headed straight to bed. I needed the sleep anyway. The next evening I was to hear from my director finally, but alas, still no word. So there I was, uninspired to work, so I watched more movie. I had forgotten it was 3 hours long! The NEXT evening I DID hear from Veronika and she loved all the work that I had done. It was so great – she agreed with all my changes and cuts that I made. The rest is easy right? So now I’m plugging away at CAD, but happily now. Taking my time, not stressing out, eating coolwhip because it tastes good, not because I need a fix. Life is good. I’m going to finish this beast.

Now if only I had something interesting to do at work for the next 7.5 hours… maybe a transformer will blow up again like yesterday. That was different.


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