Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What I've been missing

Our girls' weekend at the beach was a HUGE success. I left work early, and Christyn came to pick me up with the intention of leaving for Tybee right away... Distractions ensued and we left a few hours later. There was celebrating, drinking, eating, sunning, ice cream and praline eating, beach walking, Irish pubs, Wet Willies (of the bar/dance club variety!), dancing, and tons of laughter. I love those girls. Makes me miss GT times so much. (see photos to be posted separately...)

Greg said we should have a girls' weekend once a month, but perhaps once or twice a year will have to suffice. Back to work and work - though it looks like Trojan Women might be finding some resolution in the near future. At least I got an extension for my final deadline since I've been playing by the rules. I'm happy about that. In celebration of this good fortune - tonight I'm watching the director's cut of Titus!


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