Friday, July 29, 2005

why I only play $2 blackjack and $1 craps

A couple days ago when I put my money on only 4 more days of work, I was wrong. Turns out my last day will be Wednesday...

Scott just came it my office to ask me, and he said that they'll all have to take me out, get me drunk, and have at least another day in the office with me to tease me. Apparently Monday night isn't convenient for everyone, so we're all going out Tuesday night, which means I have to come to work on Wednesday. Still though, I ran out of things to do about a week ago. My candy stash is running low too, since I was rationing with Tuesday in mind.

Perhaps I'll design more shirts. I entered my gallery under the category "dabblers" unsure of what that was really, but I knew I didn't fit in any other category entirely. I figured: "I'm just dabbling in this shirt design thing." But then, it made me chose what age group of dabblers I wanted to be in. So now, I'm an "adult dabbler" and that just makes me feel a little dirty.


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