Tuesday, August 30, 2005

8.5 hours remaining!

Trojan Women is due tomorrow morning finally. No more extensions. No more excuses. Nothing. I'll head to work at 7:30 to drop everything off and get a good solid day of nasty, stinky, dirty, hard work in the prop shop in - and then I can start my homework for real classes (of which I'm back down to 3!!). I'm stoked.

I was told that my presentation handwriting and arrow-drawing skills weren't really up to par, so I'm practicing everything I write first to make sure it looks artsy enough. It's like kindergarten all over again. I'm supposed to practice my alphabet over and over again just as an exercise to make me better...

As for class... I'm designing a Harlem Renaissance/Motown version of Guys and Dolls. I'm super stoked! No more depressing German plays! Yipppppeeeeee!


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