Thursday, August 11, 2005


That's what the word Tontie looks like if you forget to change your keyboard back to the letter version...

Anyhow - sorry guys - couldn't get past level 9 on Tontie, but I still blame my lack of a keypad ;) There were just too many little tellitubbies dancing and swinging things around.

I do know who has the Walleye pike though!


At 11/8/05 11:22 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Shake it off, man. Just massage your forearms, grab a quick gatoraide and you'll be to lvl 11 in no time.

At 12/8/05 8:13 PM, Blogger Greg said...

you need to get a 10 key. Just wait a month and you can use mine. I'll cook dinner while you get in "the zone".

Just wait till you get the eyes with spikes on their heads that blink different numbers...ooh, or the bomb monster. He's a bad ass!


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