Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sitting. but praised!

So I'm sitting in rehearsal. On my ass. from 6:30-very very late every night now. Well, except for the 10 out of 12 on Saturday. Watching this weird show. (I'll post photos when we take them). Still lots of work to be done, but everyone seems to really like it so far. At least the set... but of course I have yet to see the newly added rape scene in my cage. Crazy I tell ya.

The lighting prof told me that my prof was bragging on me saying what great work I'm doing. Always nice to hear when you're busting your bootie. Can't wait til Christmas, but wish I had more time in between now and then to get everything finished.

Happy fall break to all. Even though I don't get a break, at least I didn't have classes today and could spend the day wallowing in my bed, "thinking with my eyes closed" for hours on end. Back to work tomorrow. 1.5 weeks left to figure out and finish Guys and Dolls too! Woohooooo.....

Took a break with Greg a few days ago to see 40 Year Old Virgin. Figured I'd add that in since really that was the point of this blog. Having a life and trying not to forget about that... and it was a really funny movie.


At 27/10/05 11:10 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Awww - no comments in forever!


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