Sunday, December 04, 2005


Right. So we did come home from Las Vegas. Bachelorette-ing, navagating the city on my own, family time, meeting more friends, seeing the Wynn, wandering the strip with my camera, rehersal dinnering, wedding-ing, wal-marting for comfy clothes, losing $5.10 at video poker while wearing my new ugly sweatpants, and sleeping on the floor of the DFW airport in my new ugly sweatpants. A great trip. Wish it could have been longer.

We got to leave again for Indiana for Thanksgiving to meet all of Greg's extended family that would put armies of small nations to shame in size. I did well even without my plan of labelled poloroids. Another fun wedding too. It was all great. Culture shock for me coming from my family of 3. The only problem was all the questions of, "So what are you going to do with your degree when you graduate?" Hmmm. I'll let you know when I think of something that doesn't sound like a pain in the arse.

Finishing up this long and painful semester here. Too bad I don't care enough to make some of the decisions I have to make. And Million Dollar Baby was not the movie to watch yesterday to cheer up my spirits :) At least I had a box of brownie mix!

Christmas Carol FINALLY opened Friday night. After the huge push to save my professor's butt, I'm not sure all my projects were worth the huge effort we had to put into them. Everything was on stage for all of, oh, say, 10 seconds! My poor little Want and Ignorance dolls. I'll have to get photos of them for the portfolio at least. Turns out I'm a great scary baby maker. My prof even showed me a little appreciation and praise!!! In between making me feel bad for leaving for Thanksgiving, for leaving for Christmas, for asking if I could leave after working a 10 hour day for him out of my own kindness (ok, I didn't really have a choice, but it still wasn't a spoken requirement). GRRRRRR. Can't wait for Christmas. and then I can't wait until summer.

So there's my update of my pathetic little life. Only a couple weeks left!

Now if only the Steelers could win and the Colts would lose!!!


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